The labels function creates a vector of labels associated with a user-defined format.

# S3 method for fmt
labels(object, ...)



A user-defined format of class "fmt".


Following arguments.


A vector of label values.


The condition function creates a condition as part of a format definition. Each condition has a label as part of its definition. The labels function extracts the labels from the conditions and returns them as a vector. While the labels will typically be of type character, they can be of any data type. See the link{condition} function help for further details.

See also

value to define a format, condition to define the conditions for a format, and fapply to apply the format to a vector.

Other fmt:,, as.fmt(), condition(), is.format(), print.fmt(), value()


# Define format
fmt1 <- value(condition(x == "A", "Label A"),
              condition(x == "B", "Label B"), 
              condition(TRUE, "Other"))
# Extract labels