fmtr 1.5.9 2022-09-08

  • Changed default separator on fapply2() to a blank space. This seems like a more useful default.
  • Allowed label on user-defined format to be a string format. This means a string format can be executed conditionally.
  • Added “type” parameter to fmt_quantile_range() function so user can specify the type of quantile algorithm to use.
  • Added output logging.
  • Updated logo.

fmtr 1.5.8 2022-08-08

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the function from this package, as it has now been moved to the common package. A dependency has been added to fmtr so that the common package will be loaded automatically, and the function will be available automatically. However, if you use fully qualified function calls in your programs, such as fmtr::labels(), these calls will be broken, and will have to be changed to common::labels().
  • Fixed bug on fapply() that was causing it to pick up and apply haven format attributes.
  • Added fapply2() function to format and combine two variables.
  • Added na and zero parameters to fmt_cnt_pct() to apply specified string in cases where the count is NA or zero.

fmtr 1.5.7 2022-06-25

  • Fixed fapply() so that NA values in data are returned as NA instead of a string “NA”.

fmtr 1.5.5 2022-01-13

  • Fixed bug in that was converting all label and order values to character. Now it will return the stored data type.
  • Added sd_format parameter to the fmt_mean_sd() function to format the standard deviation separately if desired.
  • Documentation fixes/updates.

fmtr 1.5.4 2021-11-18

  • Added FAQ and Complete Example to vignettes.
  • Took out errors on convenience functions if data frame does not have a variable specified on the incoming list. Now this situation is ignored, and no error is generated. The error was removed to allow the list to contain more formats/labels/etc. than exist on the data frame, but still assign the matching items.

fmtr 1.5.3 2021-10-09

  • Added covr and codecov.
  • Allow assignment of NULL to convenience functions to clear attributes.
  • Update examples and documentation for convenience functions.

fmtr 1.5.2 2021-07-25

  • Fixed bug on R 3.6 where fdata() function was turning all columns into factors.
  • Changed fapply() function so it will accept non-character vector formats. Now works with integer, numeric, and date vectors also.

fmtr 1.5.1 2021-06-21

  • Fixed bug when vector format has no corresponding input value. Was assigning an NA. Now leaving the original value.
  • Made code compatible back to R version 3.6.0
  • Added GitHub Actions for prior R version checks

fmtr 1.5.0 2021-02-22

  • Added function to assign label attributes of a data frame
  • Small documentation fixes

fmtr 1.4.1 2021-01-06

  • Added descriptions() attribute assignment functions
  • Modified fattr() functions to include description attribute
  • Added pkgdown site

fmtr 1.3.0 2020-11-16

  • Added functions to convert data frames, tibble, and format catalogs to flist
  • Print summarized list of fcat contents
  • Fixed bug on as.fmt() when input data is a tibble
  • Added label and description parameters to fattr()
  • Added descriptions() function to set descriptions for data frame
  • Fixed bug on levels() and labels() functions when formats read from data frame
  • Made a few documentation fixes

fmtr 1.2.2 2020-10-10

  • Documentation updates/improvements.

fmtr 1.2.1 Unreleased

  • Improved printing of format catalogs, formats, formatting lists
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

fmtr 1.2.0 Unreleased

  • Added fcat() function to create a format catalog
  • Added associated utility functions for format catalogs for reading, writing, printing, and converting from/to data frames
  • Fixed bug on fapply() with user-define format, which was throwing an error when no conditions were met. Now, values that meet no conditions will fall through unaltered

fmtr 1.1.0 2020-09-11

fmtr 1.0.0 Unreleased

  • Initial version
  • Added fapply() to format a vector
  • Added fdata() to format an entire data frame/tibble
  • Added value() and condition() functions to create a user-defined format
  • Added flist() function to create a formatting list
  • Added fattr() to assign format information to a vector
  • Added formats(), widths(), and justification() functions to assign formatting formation to multiple columns in a data frame
  • Created package infrastructure, including testthat tests, description file, readme file, vignette, and man pages